Apollo in my studio
unshown Works

23 October 2015 - January 2016

At the heart of Heinz Mack's artistic output lies his manipulation of the effects of light energy, reflection and motion. A pioneer of light and kinetic light art, he is renowned internationally above all for his architectural and sculptural outdoor works. In October the MKM is staging a multi-genre retrospective, accompanied by documentary films, in which sculpture, paintings, kinetic objects and utopian models from across his various work phases are being presented for the first time within a museum setting. In addition, Heinz Mack will also be designing an entire exhibition space which visitors can enter and perambulate.

The philosopher, sculptor and painter Heinz Mack is a multifaceted artist whose light art works and monumental sculptures have garnered worldwide acclaim. Together with Otto Piene, he founded the Europe-wide Zero movement in 1957, to which Günther Uecker also became affiliated in 1961. Availing themselves of innovative technologies, including electronics, these young artists proceeded to fashion modern and dynamic works which broke with the traditional notions of art. Echoes of this ZERO period also resonate in Mack's more recent kinetic works now on view in the MKM.