March 10 to June 18, 2017

Large-format canvas works by David Schnell (born 1971), painter and graphic artist of the “New Leipzig School”, form the focus of the artist's first major museum exhibition in the region: The Museum Küppersmühle is presenting around 60 of Schnell's landscape visions, which evoke the imploding virtual cyberspaces of computer games. Featuring a comprehensive selection of works, including 5 new paintings created especially for the exhibition in the MKM, this survey traces Schnell's artistic development over the past decade.

Deploying a central linear perspective in his interlocking natural and urban landscapes, Schnell's deep perspectives draw the viewer ineluctably into a dynamically fragmenting space, into a giddying maelstrom of swirling architectural elements. By virtue of the ever-emerging vanishing points, the viewer experiences an increasing sense of placelessness and timelessness, which reveals itself to be an abstract construct, executed with consummate painterly technique.

Inspiring the title of the exhibition, one of his latest works – Fenster [Window(s)] – is characteristic of the artist's modus operandi, which seeks to lend traditional panel painting a modern idiom and to open up our gaze  to new worlds, without obscuring the old. Schnell's works reside quite naturally between Renaissance painting and the digital visual world. Whilst content and means could not be more classical, what we see is irrevocably of the present, or even of the future.

In addition to the large-format oil paintings, a series of etchings convey something of the significance of graphic works within David Schnell's overall output. A beamer presentation of his design of a carpet made of flowers for the 2013 floral procession or "infiorata", staged annually in the Italian town of Genzano di Roma, complete the tour of the exhibition.

The exhibition DAVID SCHNELL – WINDOW(S) is a project organised by the Foundation for Art and Culture, and is curated by Eva Müller-Remmert. The project has been made possible by the generous support of the Sparkasse Duisburg.